Cohiba Historical Bands: 1966 - 2016 - Havana Cigar Exchange

Cohiba Historical Bands: 1966 - 2016

Havana Cigar Exchange - Worldwide Shipping of Cuban Cigars

The history of COHIBA through its cigar band designs.

This frame complies the different band designs of Cohiba in its 50 years history.

The trip begins with a design inspired by colonial references, that today will be surprising to many people. Since then the brand gave an absolute shift in its design, incorporating unique and distinctive graphic elements in the premium market, like the grid or new typography, solid and stylish at a time. With the addition of the iconic Indian head and the restyling of the existing elements, the brand reached its current design, so recognizable, vibrant and mythical. In the end, the band consolidated symbol of luxury and exclusivity all over the world.

The printing of these bands has been made respecting the original printing techniques used in each case. This work has been developed in a precise and passionate way by Vrijdag Premium Printing.

Length: 36cm
Width: 27cm