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LE 2018 - H.Upmann - Propios

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the long-awaited 2018 Habanos Limited Edition H.Upmann Propios.

Presented in unique polished boxes containing 25 cigars and measuring 4 3⁄4” (120mm) x 46 ring gauge, the Propios (vitola de galera: Mareva Gruesa) represents the 5th time the H.Upmann brand has been selected to be part of the prestigious Limited Edition series dating back to the launch of the concept in the year 2000.

Limited Edition cigars use only the finest tobacco leaves grown in the Vuelta Abajo zone in Cuba. Each leaf selected for use has been aged for a minimum of two years which melds and rounds the flavours and aromas to provide the distinct smoking signature associated with Limited Edition cigars.

Popular Vitola: Mareva Gruesa
Factory Vitola: Mareva Gruesa
Ring Gauge: 46
Cigar Length: 120 mm / 4.7 inches
Body: Light

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