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Montecristo “A” - Single Coffin

Havana Cigar Exchange

Length: 9¼”   Ring Gauge: 47   The Montecristo A, Cuban cigar is the Emperor of cigars and definitely for the more experienced smoker. The Cigar has a silky smooth wrapper and a perfect draw. It is full bodied with aromas of earth and damp wood, the cigar progresses quite forcefully and ends in a rich heady haze and can be smoked down to the last inch without any foul flavours.

The entire Montecristo line is somewhat new to Cuba, first begun in 1934 by the Menendez and Garcia families who began the line with five vitolas. It was first known as the H. Upmann Montecristo, but that lasted only for a year. The family needed distribution for their cigars and approached what is now Hunter & Frankau. The brand was renamed "Montecristo" and the logo was designed by a director of H&F. Thus, we have the crossed swords associated with Dumas' The Count of Montecristo, from which the name originates. The Dunhill company started a marketing push on the brand and is responsible for its wide distribution, even in todays market. 

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