(Vintage 1998) Quai D'Orsay - Imperiales - Havana Cigar Exchange

(Vintage 1998) Quai D'Orsay - Imperiales

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Quai D’Orsay Imperiales, 2001 Vintage Cigar

The Julieta No. 2 factory size, more commonly known as a Churchill, remains one of the preferred sizes amongst cigar aficionados.  The 47 ring gauge somehow pleases the tastes of fans of the smaller gauges, while still being large enough for fans of bigger gauge cigars.

As many of you know, Quai D’Orsay is a relatively new brand from Habanos, having only been created in 1973. Cubatabaco created the brand for the French tobacco company called “Seita”. As a matter of fact, on the side of the box, it reads “Seleccion Exclusiva para Seita” (exclusive selection for Seita).  The name Quai D’Orsay derives from the avenue where the head offices of Seita were located.

Popular Vitola: Churchill
Factory Vitola: Julieta No.2
Ring Gauge: 47
Cigar Length: 178 mm / 6.9 inches
Body: Light - Medium

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