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About this brand: Cohiba is the most prestigious brand in the tobacco world and in 2016 it celebrated its 50th anniversary.
It was created in 1966 and for many years it was intended solely as a gift to government personalities, national and foreign, and of course to President Fidel Castro. Since then, it has been manufactured in the prestigious El Laguito factory in Havana.

The name “Cohiba” is an old word used by the Taíno Indians, original inhabitants of the Island, to define the rolled tobacco leaves that these Indians smoked, and that Christopher Columbus saw for the first time in Cuba in 1492. Cohiba is for hence the first name of tobacco. 

The leaves used in its preparation are “the selection of the selection” of the best vegas of “San Juan y Martínez” and “San Luis”, in the “Vuelta Abajo” area of the “Pinar del Río” region, Cuba.

Cohiba is the only Habanos brand in which two of the three types of leaves used to make it, dry and light, undergo additional fermentation. This special treatment gives Cohiba an unmistakable aroma and flavor, which cannot be found in any other brand.

Cohiba initially launched the Classic Line, developed between 1966 and 1989 with its characteristic medium to strong flavour, the Linea 1492 with a medium flavour, Cohiba Maduro 5 Linea in 2007, with a mature layer aged for five years through natural processes and In 2010, the brand’s portfolio was expanded with the launch of the new Cohiba Behike line. The most exclusive Habanos, S.A. has ever launched.