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About this brand: The Diplomaticos brand cigars were introduced to the world in 1966. They are one of the few Habanos brands exclusively dedicated to producing handmade cigars from the finest tobacco grown in the lush Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. The names and sizes are essentially copies of the Montecristo brand cigars. And just like most of the Montecristo cigars, the Diplomaticos brand line up is produced at the Jose Marti factory. They are described as having a medium to full body flavor.

The reason for the creation of the Diplomaticos in 1966 was initially to offer a “value” version of the Montecristo. French consumers were the primary target market at the time. The line imitates the original Montecristo line up by offering five, hand made numbered sizes. The tobacco blend used for the Diplomaticos is slightly milder than the blend used in the Montecristo brand. It is believed this is due to the lighter taste preference of French cigar smokers. Today, the Diplomaticos are still priced a bit lower than their Montecristo counterparts.

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