LIMITED EDITION - Havana Cigar Exchange


In 2000, Habanos S.A. introduced the Limited Edition (Edición Limitada) Series. This series comprises cigar vitolas that are not in current production.

Initially, the cigars were manufactured using two year old aged wrappers from the upper level of the plant, to produce a unique darker colour. Since 2007 all of the tobacco (wrapper, binder, and filler) is aged for two years.

Early years of the programme saw four or five different Limited Edition cigars released each year. In 2002 there were no releases, probably due to the late release of the 2001 cigars and the lack of suitable two-year old wrapper tobacco, as Habanos S.A. may have underestimated the success of the Limited Edition concept. Since 2005, there have been three cigars in most years (with a few exceptions).

Limited Edition cigars normally have two bands; the standard production band for their brand, and a second black on gold band with the text "Edición Limitada" and the release year. The band on the 2000 release did not include a date.