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EMS Authenticity Check


At Havana Cigar Exchange we want to make sure that the cigars you receive are in the best possible condition. We open and check every humidor, box, pack and tubos to check that the cigar is of our very high standards. 

Always look for the warrant seal on any box of Cuban cigars. You will be able to check any serial number to make sure that your cigars are 100% real. Follow this link to the official Habanos site to check.
In the United Kingdom there is another guarantee, in 1993, Hunters & Frankau introduced the EMS Stamp and since then they have awarded it to all boxes and packs of Havanas that pass an additional UK inspection which is conducted once the cigars have reached their duty paid humidified warehouse. It serves as the traditional guarantee of quality and authenticity for Havanas sold in the UK. In 1997 the colour of the stamps started to change and have continued to do so annually. All packs of Havanas selected for sale by H&F in the UK domestic market bear the EMS stamp.
For more information click here for the Hunters & Frankau site.