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LE 2020 - Partagas - Legados

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Just one format instead of three – Habanos S.A. had that announced for the Edición Limitada of the year 2020.

The now legendary limited edition of Cuban cigars also celebrated its 20th anniversary in the first year of Corona. Since it's premiere in 2000, the “Edición Limitada” has usually published three different formats each year that are not part of the standard range of the major Habanos brands. And ever since then, cigar lovers and collectors have been waiting with great excitement year after year for the new formats, which are always only available in limited quantities.

They are also characterised by their naturally fermented, dark wrapper leaves. This results from using tobacco leaves from the top part of the plants. Only the finest, most experienced Habanos torcedores are selected to roll these limited edition cigars. For the production of the Ediciónes Limitadas, only tobaccos that have matured for at least two years are used for the insert, binder and wrapper, which come from the best Vegas Finas de Primera from the world-famous Vuelta Abajo region.

A second, black and gold cigar ring with an imprint of the year serves to mark these cigars as “Edición Limitada”. And now the Habanos Edición Limitada 2020 is coming onto the market with the Partagás Legado, an elegant Hermoso No.2 format with a length of 157 mm. Aficionados know that "Hermosos" always have a ring gauge of 48. The name "Legado" (Spanish for "heritage") is a homage to the long history of the traditional Partagás brand.

The mixture has a slightly lighter taste than usual for the Partagás brand due to the mature tobacco used. Habanos describes the aroma as follows: "Woody, spicy and sweet aroma with roasted notes reminiscent of leather, smoked cedar, cocoa, raisins, hazelnuts, vanilla, pepper and molasses."

Factory Vitola: Hermosos No 
Ring Gauge: 48
Cigar Length: 157 mm / 6.1 inches
Body: Full

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