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S.T. Dupont - Cigar Punch Cutter - Maxijet

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This contemporary cigar punch is from the Maxijet collection by S.T. Dupont. The range was designed to suit the needs of the modern cigar smoker and products have been designed for every day use. The black gloss and chrome finish work well together to create a contemporary look. The punch is finished off with the iconic S.T. Dupont signature engraved on the chrome section.

The diameter of the blade: 8.5mm.
The height of the blade: 5mm.

The cigar punch is a cigar tool used to cut a small circular hole in a cigar’s “cap” which allows the cigar to be smoked.  Some people find the draw to be too tight when using a punch (less air comes through when sucking, causes less smoke to be produced and often leads to the cigar going out periodically).  Using a punch on a cigar is a less intrusive way of opening up the cigar.  The small hole it makes leaves the cap of the cigar mostly intact which prevents the wrapper from unravelling during smoking.  While smoking, a punched cigar allows fewer tobacco flakes in your mouth than cutting does.  Some people say that cigar punches make cigars seem fuller bodied than cutters do.  They say this is due to the higher build-up of the tar at the cigars cap, the smaller hole causes this.  I have not noticed that trend at all.  If punched cigars become fuller bodied, it is a very subtle change.  Cigar punches cannot be used on all types of cigars.  They only work on cigars with rounded caps over the ring gauge size of 40.  The punch will not work well on torpedo or figurado shaped cigars, amongst some others.

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