(Vintage 1985) Punch - Punch Punch - Havana Cigar Exchange

(Vintage 1985) Punch - Punch Punch

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About this Cigar: Punch is one of the very oldest Habano brands. Don Manuel Lopez of Juan Valle & Co  founded it in the mid 19th century with an eye to the booming British market where a humorous magazine of the same name was much in vogue. This is the hot headed warrior of the Punch family. Like a boxer primed for the fight the Punch-Punch is vivacious and strong exuding spicy and woody but still smooth considering its age.  In trim condition the Punch-Punch has athletic construction and iron clad combustion making its draw a winner. A great Punch cigar!

Popular Vitola: Corona Gordas

Factory Vitola: Coronas Gordas
Ring Gauge: 46
Cigar Length: 143 mm / 5 5/8 inches
Body: Medium

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