(GR) Cohiba - Siglo VI - Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003 - Havana Cigar Exchange

(GR) Cohiba - Siglo VI - Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003

Havana Cigar Exchange

About this Item: This first ever Habanos Gran Reserva enhances the unique character of Habanos as a “Denominacion de Origen Protegida” (protected Denomination of origin).
The Gran Reserva concept means the best of what Habanos has ever made. The best Cuban tobacco leaves harvested in 2003 have been selected, fermented and inspected for a long period of five years. All the leaves used to make up a Habano -the wrapper, the filler and the binder- have undergone this meticulous 5 year process

Those precious leaves, after five years of care, are then laid in the skilful hands of Cohiba´s expert Cuban cigar-rollers at "El Laguito" factory in order to create this exquisite Habano for the most distinguished smokers.

Furthermore, the emblematic vitola "Siglo VI" (girth 52 x 150mm length) has been chosen for the production of this first Habanos Gran Reserva.

Every part of the process respects the criteria that one would demand of such a unique product. From the careful process of fermentation using the best tobacco from San Juan, Martinez and San Luis, to the exquisite blend selection process supervised by 50 testers, all elements are checked to combine so as to respect the unique character of Cohiba.

Cohiba Gran Reserva is a small and numbered production, only 5.000 numbered cases containing 15 Siglo VI each.

At this stage the first Gran Reserva of Habanos already is a hit, taking into account journalists’, smokers’ and experts’ opinions, which have given the maximum ratings to this first Habanos Gran Reserva, making of it a collectible item extremely difficult to find.
> Factory size (vitola de Galera): Cañonazo (girth 52 x 150mm length)
> Comercial Name (Vitola de Salida): Cohiba SigloVI Gran Reserva 2003
> Presentation: 5.000 numbered cases with 15 units each.

And last but not least, as we all know, this cigars has been rated 100/100 by James Suckling from CigarAficionado.