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S.T Dupont - Maxijet - Partagas Linea Maestra - Limited Edition Lighter

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S.T. Dupont and Partagás, two names that immediately conjure a commitment to craftsmanship and excellence, unveil a memorable collaboration to mark the launch of Partagás's new premium line, Línea Maestra. This initiative represents not just the culmination of over 150 years of craftsmanship and innovation, but also a convergence of values and aspirations. Here is a detailed exploration of this unprecedented collaboration, from its genesis to its iconic pieces.

The design of this collaboration is a pure symbiosis between history and modernity. Inspired by the tobacco leaves and their network of veins, artisans have created pieces where the neo-classical blends seamlessly with modern elements. This is manifested in the engraving, lacquering, and meticulous choice of materials. The diamond-point guilloche of S.T. Dupont and the iconic gilding of Partagás add a touch of elegance to each object.

Immerse yourself in this realm where tradition and contemporary design converge, creating an extraordinary experience and timeless legacy

The Maxijet is the perfect companion for cigars, thanks to its powerful torch flame. The collection offers a sporty design evoking the spirit of motor racing in three colours. Inkjet printing creates straight lacquered lines symbolising movement and speed, inseparable elements of motorsport.

Main material: Brass

Weight: 63 gr

Size: 64 x 37 x 12 mm

Refill: Black

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