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Trinidad - Shorts pack of 10

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Trinidad Shorts, like the Cohiba Shorts, are the ideal choice for the smoker of mainstream cigarettes who wish to "upgrade" without a major leap in cost. These are also perfect for the premium cigar smoker who would like to enjoy the unique taste of the classic smooth and creamy Trinidad cigars aromas during their now much briefer alfresco smoking breaks.

The Shorts have the length of a Mini with the width of a Puritos. Like all the Cuban Shorts, Puritos, Clubs and the Minis, they use 100% Cuban tobacco and are machine rolled in Cuba. The leaves used are taken from the same plants which are harvested for world famous premium hand made Havana cigars Vuelta Abajo region, an area located west of the island, which is widely regarded as the finest tobacco growing land in the world.

Each Short is pre-cut as well as cellophane wrapped for freshness and protection. Each Short is dressed with the stylish eye-catching Trinidad cigar Band.

Flavour: Medium to Full.
Length: 83mm / 3¼"  
Ring Gauge: 26
Vitola: Cigarillo


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