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(H) Vegas Robaina 5th Anivesario (2003)

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ABOUT THIS HUMIDOR: The Vegas Robaina 5th Anivesario can only be found in a limited release of humidors. Each humidor comes with 100 cigars in 5 different vitolas. The vitolas are Lonsdales, Torpedos, Double Coronas, Corona Extra and Robusto Extra, 20 of each. Only 500 humidors were made in 2003

Cigars: 5 vitolas / 100 cigars
Cigar Bands: Special "5 Aniversario" band
Presentation: Special Crafted Numbered Humidor
Amount: 500 Humidors made
Cigar Release: 2003

Vitola: Cervantes (Lonsdale)
Length: 165mm - 6.5"
Ring Size: 42

Vitola: Prominentes (Double Corona)
Length: 194mm - 7.6"
Ring Size: 49

Vitola: Hermosos No.4 (Corona Extra)
Length: 127mm - 5.0"
Ring Size: 48

Vitola: Gorditos (Robusto Extra)
Length: 141mm - 5.6"
Ring Size: 50

Vitola: Piramides (Torpedo)
Length: 156mm - 6.1"
Ring Size: 52