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How to Choose the Best Cigar Gifts.

April 22, 2015

It is often said that gift giving is the perfect opportunity to show how little we know about the ones around us, by offering them a gift that does not suit their preferences. However, when it comes to offering a good gift to a cigar enthusiast, it can get tricky. It should be noted that there is no one-size-fits-all cigar gift. Every smoker has different preferences when it comes to cigars they smoke.
We are here to provide you with some simple tips that will help you choose the perfect gift and further simplify the decisions process. You can buy cigars online and we make sure they will be delivered in good condition worldwide. 

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Before getting started, we’ve put together a list which contains cigar gifts that will most likely to be favourite among most cigar aficionados. Combining the knowledge you have about the recipient and our suggestions, we will certainly yield the perfect cigar gift for that special occasion. 
Cigars and Samplers
The first idea that comes to most people’s mind would probably be … cigars. The recipient loves cigars in general, so he or she must love them as a gift as well, right?
But not all the cigars are the same and unless you know the favourite brand of the recipients it can go all wrong.
Cigars in general are divided into Cuban (Habanos) and non-Cuban and then to full bodied, medium bodied and light bodied cigars. Medium Habanos cigars like Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta or Trinidad are perhaps the safest and best cigars to go with.
Also a great choice is to buy sampler cigar box which can bring variety to the cigar aficionados and also it can help them to discover something new they never smoked before.
Havana Cigar Exchange also provides custom cigar samplers with various sizes, strengths and budgets. Please contact us to discuss your preferences.
Cigar Accessories
Our next cigar gift suggestion consists of items required in every cigar smoker’s possession, regardless of experience. The basic ones are cigar lighters, cutters and ashtrays. Going a bit further, a smoker will eventually need a humidor, quite possibly a travel case as well.
Cigar lighters and cutters are a great candidate for engraving with the initials of the gift’s recipient or other meaningful symbol, as they can be carried around and are frequently used. Our recommendations for lighters are S.T. Dupont and Xikar. As for the cutters, you can’t go wrong with our selection of Xikar Cutters.
Moving on, we would like to provide some tips on choosing a humidor. As you might know, a humidor is an extremely important piece of accessory, as it stores your cigars and improves their flavor as time moves on. If the recipient of your gift is a new smoker, then a 15 to 25-cigar humidor is a perfect choice. Larger humidors are for more mature and experienced cigar aficionados who started to collect some of their favourite stogies and slowly ageing them. 
You can find great sellection of humidors here, and we recommend humidors made by Adorini.
As final thoughts, we would like to conclude that a great cigar gift is the result of a thoughtful chain of decisions. Take into account the experience of the smoker, his or her preferences when it comes to cigar blends, what cigar accessories he or she already possesses, and of course, our recommendations, and you will certainly find the perfect cigar gift, regardless of the recipient being a close relative or a formal acquaintance.