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ST Dupont New Cigar Lighter Release

May 14, 2015


Are you thinking of buying a new cigar lighter with sleek and trendy looks, light and easy to carry around in your pocket? There is a vast selection of lighters available to consumers, it can be pretty confusing choosing the right one. We might have something that satisfies the most demanding customer. Let me introduce you to our new arrival, now available in our cigar shop and online store.


There is this a new design trend in the most of present accessories and gadgets, everything is getting thinner and sleeker. Our televisions, smartphones, wallets and other gadgets are getting slimmed down and streamlined, and it seems, we cannot get enough of it. So why not the cigar lighters?


S.T. Dupont’s Slim 7 Lighter fuses the Parisian brand’s premium cigar lighter experience with a profile that’s just 7mm thin at its thickest point, never mind its weight of 1.5 ounces (45 grams). Many will say, does this mean I have to refill the cigar lighter every time after I light up my cigar? We all got the disappointing experience with slim smartphones, which we have to charge at least twice a day. S.T. Dupont thought about it and designed a special shape for their single jet flame torch. Click the side-mounted igniter to light up the Slim 7’s wind-resistant single jet flame torch, fuelled by butane. Its vent is slimed down and this makes its jet with larger width. Thanks to such clever design you will be able to light up your cigar faster than with a classic single jet cigar lighter, so no need to refuel after you light up a cigar.




S.T. Dupont has a long history of producing the best and the most reliable lighters in the world. They are very confident in their products, therefore they offer to each customer a life guarantee on each lighter. S.T. Dupont cigar lighters are famous for their wind and temperature resistance (from -10'C up to +45'C) and they are reliable even in Oxygen deficiency in heights of 3500m above sea level (for those enthusiasts who would like to smoke a cigar on the peaks of Swiss Alps)


If you would like to have a great cigar lighter, for your special and highly appreciated Cuban cigars, then there should be no compromise and get one of these sleek cigar lighters from S.T. Dupont.