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Grey Graphite Set

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Perhaps one of the most elegant colour pairings S.T. Dupont have put to market, the Maxijet lighter and double cigar case display an understated elegance that is rather appealing to those looking to deviate from monochrome accessories. 

S.T. Dupont Maxijet Lighter: This contemporary line features an ergonomic design with slender curves. A true object of desire, the MaxiJet toys seductively with a range of highly fashionable colours. A modern, powerful torch flame allows efficient lighting in all conditions.

S.T. Dupont Double Cigar Case Grained and Matt: Minimalist and stylish are the perfect adjectives to describe this chic accessory. Anything else is superfluous. Grained cowhide leather together with smooth matt black stainless steel for all those who want to revitalise and glamourise their everyday.

This case is the perfect addition to the matt collection of Minijet, Maxijet and Slim 7 lighters and cigar cutters.

S.T. Dupont - Maxijet Lighter - £210

S.T. Dupont - Double Cigar Case - £230


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