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Red Graphite/Chrome Set

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Stand out of the crowd with some vibrant colours!

S.T. Dupont - Cigar Cutter Penon Black: This contemporary cigar cutter designed by S.T. Dupont has been crafted from highly polished chrome with a black lacquer inlay. The cigar cutter has two ends which pull out and have a duel mechanism that when pushed together automatically slides to give you a clean cut. The cigar cutter acts like a guillotine. It cuts the cap end off of a cigar to allow air to pass through for smoking.

S.T. Dupont - Slim 7 Lighters: The new lighter uses a single torch flame and a side-action ignition that is found on the company’s popular Maxijet and Minijet torches. In addition to the tiny 7mm thickness, the new lighter weighs only 45 grams. 

S.T. Dupont - Double Cigar Case: An adjustable case for two cigars with textured leather and a casing that protects contents from damage. Expertly crafted by industry leaders in cigar accessories, don't be fooled by the simplicity of the design; S.T. Dupont cases are known to be some of the very best.

S.T. Dupont  - Double Cigar Case  - £200

S.T. Dupont - Slim 7 Lighter - £195

S.T. Dupont  - Cigar Cutter Penon Black - £190

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