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Navy Blue Set

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Accessorise boldly with our navy blue set!

S.T. Dupont - Defi Extreme Lighter: Its innovative and unique construction combines a body with high precision injected metal and a semi rigid matt black jacket for high protection. Its intuitive ergonomics and its tactile features with Diamond Head pattern make it effective in any circumstances. Its blue torch flame, powerful and uniform resists the most violent winds. Defi Extreme is effective from the iciest temperatures (-10°C) to the warmest ones (+45°C). 

S.T Dupont - Case for 3 Cigars - Pure Leather: This cloudy blue triple cigar case has been created as part of S.T. Dupont's 'Atelier' collection. Keep your favourite cigars close to you whilst you travel with this case. Have this brown Atelier cigar case foil embossed on the day of purchase. 

S.T. Dupont - Cigar Cutter Penon Black: This contemporary cigar cutter designed by S.T. Dupont has been crafted from highly polished chrome with a black lacquer inlay. The cigar cutter has two ends which pull out and have a duel mechanism that when pushed together automatically slides to give you a clean cut. 

S.T. Dupont - Defi Extreme Lighter - £250

S.T. Dupont - Case For 3 Cigars - £230

S.T. Dupont - Cigar Cutter Penon Black - £190

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