The 2014 release of Hoyo de Monterrey - Le Hoyo de San Juan - Havana Cigar Exchange

The 2014 release of Hoyo de Monterrey - Le Hoyo de San Juan

September 21, 2014

Havana Cigar Exchange is introducing a new 2014 release from Hoyo de Monterrey cigar brand - Le Hoyo de San Juan


Popular Vitola: Le Hoyo de San Juan
Factory Vitola: Le Hoyo de San Juan
Ring Gauge: 54
Cigar Length: 5 7/8"
Body: Light to Medium

The Le Hoyo line has not seen any new additions for decades until today where the Le Hoyo de San Juan is introduced to bring in a whole new different habano blend and size. According to Habanos S.A the Le Hoyo de San Juan is hand-rolled using leaves exclusively from the tobacco-producing district of San Juan y Martinez and relying only on the Seco and Ligero leaves to add a particular blend and taste to this new vitola. Also the San Juan features a new large ring gauge size for the Le Hoyo line to offer a well balanced and consistent experience demanded by the current market need. Let take a closer look at this beauty...



The Construction - As mentioned above, the San Juan has a large 54 ring gauge and uses the Seco and Ligero leaves from the San Juan y Martinez district. The wrapper, a smooth semi-matte light brown color with very faint veins running across the body. The cigar is firm with a slight bouncy resistance, it is well packed and has a beautifully constructed cap.


The Draw - The whiff of fresh shaved wood and faint peppermint sent come from the body, excellent draw with not much resistance, some sweet caramel and almond can be picked up on the pre-light taste. 


The First Burn - Light peppery zing from the smoke, still pick up some ammonia and fresh taste as well. After few puffs you get to sense that sweetness woody aftertaste. The dominant notes are of white pepper which probably is the ligero profile and the smoke is smooth and abundant. Whats interesting is first past is that sweet bitter after taste that is left lingering in the mouth with every puff.


The Middle Burn -Slight zing continues to follow through this second part. Some sweet woody notes becomes clearer and the smoke give a pleasant nutty aftertaste. The dense grey ash holds up pretty well and the burn is near perfect.


The Final Burn - Dry wood becomes dominant note during the final burn and the peppery taste kicks in again to hits the back of the throat. But if you take your time to smoke without having a very hot burn, you can actually pick up some sweetness in the smoke. Overall, in a pleasant way you can really experience the dominance of the Ligero leaves in this part.


Something interesting about this Le Hoyo Serie is the robust flavors not normally experienced with the other thinner gauge vitolas in the line. I did expect a milder profile for this vitola but it sure gave an interesting kick to smoke. I strongly believe that with some time, the edge will mellow out in the San Juan which will make it more milder and closer to the Le Hoyo profile that we are used to.


Hoyo de Monterrey fans will definitely find this vitola interesting...




Pavel Kabina

Cigar Specialist