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The Longest Ash Contest at the Havana Festival 2015

March 02, 2015

Hundreds of cigar enthusiasts from all over the globe head to Cuba this week for the annual Habanos Festival in Havana. The highlight of the festival is the bizarre contest for the longest unbroken ash, during which cigar aficionados delicately go through their Habanos trying not to drop the ash. At the last edition Cuban Olivia Terri won the competition by accumulating over 6.5 inches (16 cm) of ash before it crumbled. Habanos D.O.C. is the term used to qualify cigars bigger than 3 grams, elaborated in Cuba according to the quality standards of the Cuban tobacco Industry and using varieties of Cuban black tobacco grown in specific regions of Cuban territory, which are also protected as Appellations of Origin. The world's largest Cuban cigar festival comes as the Cuban cigar industry possibly looks forward to a booming future following the historic announcement in December by US and Cuban leaders of moves to normalize relations after half a century.


Cigar enthusiasts smoke as they compete for the longest ash during the XVII Habanos Festival in Havana