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Cuban Robustos Cigars and why are they the most favorite size in the world ...

May 12, 2015

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Robusto cigars are the most popular vitola (size) between cigar aficionados in the world. For many of us, Robusto size consist just the right thickness, which gives the smoke its smoothness and simultaneously a slower burn. Slower burn is responsible for cooling down the smoke.

Cigars are mostly classified and chosen by the brand and by its size. The strength of the cigar is defined by the brands blend, but is also influenced by its size. The size of the cigar can give to its smoke intensity or mellow smoothness.


As our customers from all over the world we will use in this article measurements of the length and width for the Cuban Robustos cigars both in metric and in imperial units.

Cuban Robustos cigars have 20mm in diameter or 50/68 of an inch ring gauge and are 124mm or 5 inches long.


In our busy lives, the time is scarce for most of us, but this cigar offers very convenient consumption time 30 - 45 minutes of smoke.


Nowadays most cigar aficionados preffer to buy cigars in UK with larger ring gauge, as the smoke become mellower and cooler. Thinner cigars burn faster, therefore the cigar smoke is more intensive due to scorching of tobacco leaves with rapid burn.


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Robusto cigars are perfect companion for any occasion and they tend to never disappoint.


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